Bespoke GRP Housing

We thrive on challenges here at Celtic Composites.

This is a bespoke GRP housing recently completed with exacting dimensions/requirements for our clients.

Get in touch today and find out more on how we can help with your important projects.

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GRP Well Head/Borehole Cover

Our GRP wellhead cover is proving popular in the field with water drilling companies.

We can manufacture different sizes to suit your needs.

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Bespoke GRP Housing – Birmingham University

Bespoke GRP Housing loaded and ready for HIAB delivery and offload to Birmingham University.

This bespoke GRP enclosure is for a new client that needed a quick manufacturing lead time on a project they have at Birmingham University. Due to the size of the GRP housing, all roads leading into the University had to be closed for the safe offload of this housing.

The feedback we received from the client on the morning of the delivery – ‘We have this morning unloaded and positioned the GRP housing. Can you thank all for their efforts in getting it delivered to us today’

Contact us for details on how we can assist and help with your project requirements.

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Wall Mounted Bespoke GRP Housing

A large M&E contractor contacted us for help and assistance on a project of theirs that required a couple of bespoke wall mounted GRP enclosures to fit their exacting dimensions.

We manufactured the bespoke wall mounted GRP housings to their dimensions and here is a picture of the completed, successful project.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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