• Manufacture & Delivery

    Loaded and ready for HIAB delivery

  • GRP Cabinet Roadside range

    BS4800 14-C-39 british racing green

  • GRP Electrical Housing

    CR16 with electrics ready installed

  • GRP Electrical Housing for Renewable Energy

    CR15 with ventilation


    CR9 & CR3


Celtic Composites Limited are a family run company. We manufacture and supply quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) housings and related products. Our Roadside range of GRP cabinets are ideal to house and protect equipment from the environment. With over 30 years experience in the GRP housing industry we provide market leading housing at competitive prices.

GRP housings are used in many industrial applications and are ideally suited to the utilities, telecommunication, local authority, rail and construction industries for a wide range of uses. The GRP cabinets and GRP housings typically house instrumentation, control panels, pumps and electric meters.

GRP enclosures are best suited to outdoor applications as it is non-corrosive to water, even when exposed to sea salt and offers excellent protection against UV rays. Being a non-conductive material it offers extra peace of mind on public access sites and alike. As a result, GRP kiosks are fast becoming a major competitor to steel with its insulation, strength and corrosion resisting properties. Celtic Composites GRP cabinets and GRP enclosures are the economic solution to your protection needs as it does not rust or rot, is maintenance free and has a lifespan of over 25 years.

Low maintenance, cost efficient but durable and strong!